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Rental since 1993

  • Camera Cranes (on track)
    • Riding - lens up to 11.5 m
    • Remote - lens up to 17 m
  • The most popular dollies (with jibs)
    • Remote (also with upside down position)
    • With programmable electric columns
  • Lighting and grip
  • Full spectrum of accessories

The most qualified and expirienced technicians.

Commercials production cooperation with:
Banana Split, Graffiti, Opus Studio, Odeon, OTO, Film it, StillKing

Production assitance

  • 150 production companies
  • all Polish TV Channels
  • main Polish feature films

Special offer

  • GFM crane runs on track in both modes:
    • Riding - max lens height 11.5 m
    • Remote - max lens height 17 m
  • Remote controlled dolly of Andreas Meyer
  • Subrental of other equipement
  • Production assistance in Poland